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"The Eleventh Conflict: Love & Hate"
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Episode Summary: Ema is upset that her grades have dropped after returning from vacation and her university exam is drawing near, everyone notice that she is sad so they try to cheer her up by making special food and giving good luck charm to her. This all makes her happy on her exam day everyone wish her good luck which makes her happy, Yusuke also tries his best to pass exam with Ema. After exam Kaname meet Ema and tell her he can cheer her up if she wants but Ema rejects and tell that Iori gave her iris flower through Louis and tell that it mean good news, Kaname gets shocked and leaves he pass by Iori and asks him that it doesn't mean good news in flower language after Kaname leaves Iori whispers "i'll put my everything into it I love you'(real meaning of flower) Later ema meets Natsume he gives her reward for doing good in exam he says he wants to tell something to Ema but stops on learning that Subaru have became a professional player. Later Natsume drives Ema home and she wonders what he wanted to say Natsume suddenly grabs her and hugs her which Subaru sees and punches Natsume telling him to not touch her but he replies that he likes her which upsets Subaru and he says he wont lose to some quitter like him. Later Ema visits Subaru and tells him that Natsume was very happy to hear about his career on which Subaru surprises. Later Subaru leaves the house for because of his career and tells Ema that he regret that he blamed Natsume so much and says forget whatever he said to her earlier as he leaves we see Ema's eyes filled with tears. At the end of episode Yusuke is saying that he will tell Ema her feeling once he passed exam.

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