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Episode Summary: Masahito's BIM explodes, seemingly killing Ryōta, and causing Himiko to lose the will to fight, but Shiki, saves her and wounds Masahito. However Masahito had planted traps throughout the building and lures them near the traps. A flashback shows that Himiko had deduced that Masahito has placed a bomb in the case. Masahito manages to hit Shiki with a bomb, while Himiko laments that she didn't get a chance to tell Ryōta that she was the Himiko he knew. Masahito then tries to use Ryōta's cracker-BIMS to no avail just when Ryōta shows up behind Himiko. Using the cracker-BIM that didn't detonate, Ryōta chases Masahito, into another trap. Another flashback shows how Ryōta survived. As Masahito tries to activate the trap he realizes to late that Ryōta moved it next him, and it explodes and injures Masahito. In the aftermath, although both Himiko and Ryōta are after his chip, neither wants to kill him, until Shiki appears again. She tells them she will kill him, but at the last moment, she alters the path of the blade, saying she will never forgive him. Ryōta and Himiko have a conversation while Himiko has an outdoor shower, about why Shiki spared Masahito. The two of them then check the corpses of Ryōta's first victim, the father of Kira, and Mistuo, for their chips, but all find three of them had been removed. Ryōta realizes that the only one who could have known about them was Kiyoshi, and they go back to where he is resting. However when Ryōta begins climbing the ladder, he hears a homing-BIM approaching, and realizes that Kiyoshi had turned against them.

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  1. Fallen-Avenger

    Dec 14th, 2012

    great episode! the way the Cracker Bim bounced off himiko kinda took away the awesomeness of the moment! it was a good episode nonetheless

  2. eddydadi

    Mar 21st, 2013


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