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Episode Summary: In a flashback, the police arrive at a crime scene where they arrest 14-year old Kōsuke Kira, a sadistic necrophilliac who had murdered three women. Back in the present, Sōichi Natsume discovers Kōsuke near the shore, skewering frogs for fun. Sōichi tries to explain the difference between killing living things because it is wrong and killing out of amusement however Kōsuke rejects the explanation. At the same time they witness parachute drops and go to investigate together with Kōsuke's father, Yoshihisa Kira. Another flashback reveals that Kōsuke was horribly absused by his father as a boy and hence has no qualms about hurting others. Back in the present, Yoshihisa forces Kōsuke use his bombs to retrieve the supply case from a tree which he does. Yoshihisa then takes the case for himself but after Sōichi says they should share the contents, Yoshihisa refuses saying that in the jungle it is survival of the fittest. Kōsuke then activates one of his bombs and kills Yoshihisa whilst feeling a rush of euphoria. Frightened, Sōichi runs away saying Kōsuke is akin to a monster. At this point, he is discovered by Ryōta and Kiyoshi, who try to reason with him but to no avail, hence they retreat. Kōsuke, goes after them with intent to kill and Ryōta decides to fight in order to protect Kiyoshi. However he cannot bring himself to kill another person. They soon recognize each other as Btooom! players and engage. Ryōta is soon pushed back but hits his head against a rock which causes a personality shift where he perceives reality as being the game world and is able to defeat Kōsuke by hiding his movements with advanced sonar cancelling. Ryōta then comes to his senses after he realizes the devastation he caused and cannot bring himself to kill the unconscious Kōsuke, instead binding him to a tree and taking the supplies and his BIMs. Kōsuke demands to know Ryōta's name and is thrilled to learn Ryōta is actually the top ranked Japanese player of Btooom!.

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  1. Shiro

    Oct 28th, 2012

    Insane Miyuki Sawashiro is fine too.

  2. crnr


    Mar 19th, 2013

    the hell that’s one wicked kid u got their he’s gotta be top to beat

    LOL 2 game addicts are about to clash I wonder who would win

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