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"Night of Sacrifice"

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Episode Summary: While the komodo dragons attack Ryōta, Kiyoshi and Himiko, Himiko passes out. Kiyoshi takes her to the other side of the river while Ryōta tries to fight back only to realize that BIMS cannot be claimed until their owner is dead. But just as Ryōta activates one of his cracker-BIMs a lizard bites Kiyoshi's leg. Soon they escape by following the river's path while still being stalked by the lizards. Kiyoshi laments that being on the island is his punishment for being a monster at his job. A lizard then jumps into the river causing them to get separated. Ryōta tries to find Kiyoshi using his radar but to no avail, concluding that Kiyoshi had abandoned them. Just then, as a lizard is about to attack Ryōta and Himiko, Kiyoshi returns and kills it with a homing-BIM. Ryōta realizes that they were both searching for each other but their sonars cancelled each other out, causing Ryōta to break down because he had doubted Kiyoshi's loyalty. They then make their way to an abandoned building near the sea but are once again followed by the lizards. Kiyoshi decides to hold them off with his homing-BIMS but they are not powerful enough. This prompts Ryōta to use one of Himiko's corrosive-BIMS (by using her finger to activate the switch) and drive the lizards away. Himiko later regains consciousness and is still suspicious of Ryōta and Kiyoshi after her previous traumatic experiences with men. Back in the mainland, it is revealed that Tyrannos Japan is monitoring the events on the island, with a special interest in Ryōta. Kiyoshi's leg also becomes infected due to the lizard bite. Afterwards Ryōta becomes suspicious of Himiko because of all the supplies and BIMS she possesses and concludes that she had murdered other participants and that she could turn on him and Kiyoshi at any moment. Just then they are discovered by another player's sonar and again, Ryōta decides to be a decoy to draw away the assailant from Kiyoshi and Himiko. In the epilogue Ryōta is attacked by Masashi.

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