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"Virtual Bride"

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Episode Summary: A flashback shows when "Sakamoto" and the player using the name "Himiko" got married in the Btooom! world. "Sakamoto" asks to meet "Himiko" in the real world but she turns him down. Back in the present, Ryōta is attacked by Sōichi and Masashi who are revealed to be working together. They overpower him and confiscate his BIMS however Masashi lets him escape so that he can track him back to Himiko and Kiyoshi which he does. Kiyoshi tries do defend Himiko but Masashi badly wounds him. Ryōta tries to reason with Masashi saying that the entire senario was set up by Tyrannos Japan to iron out bugs in the Btooom! game and that there may be a loophole allowing everyone to survive, but Masashi rejects it, instead reveling in the death game. At this point he attacks Ryōta who falls off the building onto some trees in the cliff below. When he returns he finds Himiko's phone and judging from her cosplay wallpaper, he realizes that she may be the same "Himiko" whom he knew in the game and goes to save her, leaving Kiyoshi behind. At another abandoned building, Sōichi and Masashi help themselves to the food they took from Himiko who begs them to kill her while leaving her "pure" however Masashi declines, preferring to torture her instead. At this time Ryōta uses his radar to signal Himiko and find her. He introduces himself as the player "Sakamoto" and asks if she was the same "Himiko" who played Btooom! with him to which Himiko says she was not. Soon, they are attacked by Sōichi but Ryōta is able to kill him with a single cracker-BIM. Masashi then holds Himiko hostage saying that he and Ryōta should fight barehanded however Ryōta rushes for Masashi's knife and is beaten to the ground. Himiko then jumps on Masashi and activates one of the corrosive-BIMS which detonates and sends a plume of gas after them. Ryōta and Himiko try to escape by going through an opening in the ceiling but not before a severely burnt Masashi grabs Himiko's leg to drag her back down. However Ryōta activates a timer-BIM which detonates and kills Masashi. In an unknown location, a large number of Tyrannos Japan executives view Ryōta's victory over Masashi.

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