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"White Ghost"

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Episode Summary: In a flashback, "Sakamoto" mets "Himiko" in the Btooom! game, the latter of whom retreated to the game world after being cast out by her former real life friends. "Sakamoto" is able to sense "Himiko's" discomfort but chooses not to enquire about it; respecting her privacy. In the mainland, Tyrannos Japan's CEO discussess the game's progress noting the psychological warfare between the participants. As night falls, Ryōta and Himiko take refuge in yet another abandoned building. Before they fall asleep Himiko asks Ryōta why he saved her. Ryōta explains that ever since he retreated to the game world of Btooom! his digital life seemed more real to him than reality as was his relationship with "Himiko" therefore when he thought she was the "Himiko" he knew, he rushed to save her. Himiko doesn't respond, instead breaks down into tears because she didn't expect to meet "Sakamoto" (Ryōta) in the real world, and is torn between revealing to Ryōta that she is in fact the "Himiko" he knew because of her previous traumatic experiences. Later on she wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a humanoid figure over her. Ryōta investigates and discovers a seemingly crazed woman living nearby who attacks him but he is able to knock her out. When both he and Himiko return, the woman enters a crazed frenzy upon seeing Ryōta, but Himiko is able to calm her down. The woman reveals herself to be Shiki Murasaki, a survior from a previous iteration of the Btooom! death game. Shiki further reveals to Himiko that as a woman, she shouldn't put her trust into men on the island after she was betrayed and lost an arm to a previous player, Masahito Date so he could get enough chips to get off the island. She also explains that when Himiko and Ryōta obtain 6 chips (one person needs 8 to get off the island), their loyalty will be tested. Later on Ryōta decides that they will get enough chips for one person so that all four of them including Kiyoshi and Shiki can hijack a helicopter and get off the island. Even though Himiko trusts Ryōta she is still reluctant to tell him they they may betray each other and who she really is. In the end, it is revealed that Masahito was sent back to the island and treated an unconscious Kiyoshi's wounds.

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