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"The Strongest Player"

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Episode Summary: Ryōta and Himiko return to where Kiyoshi is only to discover that his wounds have been treated by Masahito. Masahito is then able to trick them into gaining their trust since he intends to betray them and take their chips later on. New food supplies arrive on the island and a swarm of other players including Ryōta, Himiko and Masahito rush for one. However Ryōta engages in a fight with another player after the food, Nobutaka Oda. However the climax of the battle leads them both to dive off a cliff into the ocean. At the same time Himiko is attacked by another female player, Hidemi Kinoshita who seems to be working with Nobutaka. While they are fighting, Masahito throws a remote-controlled-BIM their way intending to kill them both, however it fails and when he meets with Himiko he pretends that he intended to save her. Himiko realizes the truth but does not voice it, wary that Masahito could attack her; and admitting to herself that the only person on the island she can trust is Ryōta. Ryōta resurfaces near a beach but is cautious of any traps Nobutaka may have set, and witnesses another player fall for Nobutaka's booby trap. While his back is turned, Ryōta reveals himself and threatens Nobutaka with a cracker-BIM telling him to drop all his equipment. Nobutaka obeys which causes Ryōta to get suspicious and as he approaches the equipment, Nobutaka activates a hidden remote-controlled-BIM and seemingly kills Ryōta. But when Nobutaka activates his radar, Ryōta is still alive.

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  1. BitNdragon

    Dec 1st, 2012

    lol he has to be cheating, there is no way in hell he could take that unscathed.

  2. AzaelAkai


    Dec 2nd, 2012

    either way he is badass!!!!

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