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"Tale of the Beginning"

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Episode Summary: In Sardinia, Godou Kusanagi plans to return a stone grimiore entrusted by his grandfather back to former owner, Lucrezia Zora. However, Erica Blandelli, a knight of the Copper Black Cross, threatens him to hand over the grimoire. They are drawn into the battle between a boar summoned by the rogue god Verethragna, and Erica duels with them. Godou attempts to find Erica but runs into Verethragna. When Godou explains that he is delivering the grimoire to Lucrezia, Verethragna flees. Unable to stop the boar, Erica is rescued by Godou. Later, after discovering that Godou is planning to deliver the grimoire to Lucrezia, they go to her house, accompanied by Erica's maid Arianna Hayama Arialdi. While there, Lucrezia reveals that the grimoire is based on the book of Prometheus and has Godou keep it. The next day, Erica and Godou encounter Melqart, another rogue god. Having learned of the ten incarnations from Lucrezia, Godou asks Melqart to form an alliance with him. Using the grimoire, Godou steals Verethragna's golden sword and kills him, therefore he becomes a Campione, a god slayer.

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  1. JKroxas

    Jul 1st, 2012

    Hei hei i love this kind of anime. Thank you bestanimes

  2. Yuuji

    Jul 4th, 2012

    o.o Holy crap…Unlimited Blade Works + Gate of Babylon combo…i am afraid…very afraid

  3. asasa

    Jul 4th, 2012

    japan and italy?

  4. Kuzashi

    Jul 5th, 2012

    Another episode now !!!!!!!

  5. musaddeq


    Sep 23rd, 2012

    Why is the DDL temporary Disabel ???

  6. sao


    Jan 12th, 2013

    “In 48 hours, … I will become the 7th King of the World”

    I don’t know why but I found that hilarious….

  7. aboll

    Mar 16th, 2013


  8. Xkirito

    Mar 17th, 2013


  9. john

    May 27th, 2013

    Needs a season 2 bad

  10. gerald

    Jun 20th, 2013

    great show very disappointing their isn’t another season

  11. Bakaa

    Mar 11th, 2014

    I was like.. He sounds like kirito.. Then i searched it up.. Then it was really thr same voice actor xd

  12. xavierisafag

    Jul 20th, 2014


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