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"Wind, Rain, Wolf"

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Episode Summary: The hunt continues in the storm summoned by Voban who has neutralized The Stallion forcing Godou to grab Mariya and run using The Raptor. Yuri finds out more about Godou and Campiones when they stop to rest for as long as they can before Voban finds them again. Mariya is unaware of her developing feelings for Godou as she is deeply touched both by how far he is willing to help and suffer not only to protect her, but also to avoid doing something 'improper.' Even though as a Campione he could order her compliance. Mariya makes the decision that heavily impacts the final showdown with Voban. Meanwhile Erica has been fighting both Liliana and Voban's Dead Servants. However, she manages to appeal to Liliana's honor and sense of righteousness (and sealing the deal with some blackmail) to get her to switch sides for the final showdown.

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