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"A Hero Arrives"

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Episode Summary: After falling into Erica's trap, Godou is vacationing (and being teased) on a beach with Erica, Yuri, and his Grandfather's old friend, Zola (who was the original owner of the Perseus stone.) Trying to escape the antics Godou runs into Athena, who says she's not interested in a rematch, yet, but wants him to come with her towards something that has attracted her attention. Meanwhile Liliana realizes the error of seeking Dion's help in dealing with the Heraion, which ends up transforming the land's energy into a dragon. As a result Perseus shows up to 'valiantly' slay the dragon without any concern for the consequences. Athena intervenes while Godou explains a few things to Liliana who shows the cute young maiden side of her out of shock. Perseus returns to demonstrate why Godou can't beat him.

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