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"The Missing King"
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Episode Summary: While Liliana berates herself for her inaction, Perseus is about to finish off Godou when Athena intervenes. Perseus decides to step back after Athena reveals that Godou is more interesting to fight after he's been beaten. Liliana starts to show interest in Godou through various ways while they try to figure out how to counter Perseus' trump card. Athena offers the information, but Godou will have to owe her a favor since it'd be too boring if she just told them. Erica and the others find out what happened to Gotou, but run into unexpected trouble in getting to him. Liliana struggles with her feelings along with what she'd have to do to give Godou her knowledge on Perseus. Perseus soon after sends them a message calling for a duel at a place he considers "suitable" for displaying his greatness to an audience.

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