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Episode Summary: The American government convenes an emergency meeting after a dignitary dies from a Ua virus infection. Alphard ignores Liang Qi's anger over her qualms of killing Canaan. Kenji Ōsawa, head of Okashi Pharmaceutical, had planned to send the anti-Ua virus vaccine to Shanghai when he was supposedly killed in a car bomb. This "event" forced the American military to send in B-2 bombers from Guam to bomb the entire Shanghai International Conference Hall in order to purge the Ua virus in flames and prevent in from spreading throughout Shanghai. Canaan infiltrates the hall, rescuing Maria after fending off several Daedala security forces personnel impending her progress. Canaan and Yuri Natsume worked together to hack the B-2's GPS system and let the bombs miss the conference hall to save the dignitaries inside while heavily armed PLA Special Operations Forces troopers escorted Kenji safely at the outskirts of the hall. Alphard and Cummings retreat underground with a handful of Daedala security forces, the former already deciding to abandon Liang Qi to let her fend for herself. When Maria and Canaan emerge outside, Canaan had collapsed due to her exhaustive use of her synesthesia abilities.

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