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"Sakura's Little Adventure"
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Episode Summary: When Tomoyo comes over to measure Sakura for a new outfit, Sakura comes in contact with the Little card, which shrinks her and her magic. While Tomoyo and Kero search for her, Sakura winds up in the backyard, being chased by a cat and a praying mantis. When Toya and Yukito come home, Tomoyo hides Kero while Sakura confronts the Little card, but it runs away from her. Eventually, Sakura chases the card into the kitchen, where it almost shrinks Toya, but it bounces away. The card bounces up the stairs, and Sakura gives up because it was not possible to continue. Luckily, she was then found by Kero, who explained the Little card to her. Meanwhile, Tomoyo is in Sakura's room when she hears the Little card. She is about to touch it when Sakura comes riding on Kero and runs into the Little card, thus returning to her normal size. She then seals the Little card. Later, Sakura, Tomoyo, Toya, and Yukito are enjoying Tomoyo's strawberry tart that she brought, when Sakura remembers that she promised Kero a piece. In the end, Sakura manages to get him a tiny slice. He whines and then uses the Little card to make himself tiny and eat the now huge slice of cake.

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