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"Sakura, Syaoran, and the Sea of Sand"
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Episode Summary: Ms. Mizuki announces that the class will by doing a play for the school arts festival. Sakura realizes that the woman she sees in her reoccurring dream is Ms. Mizuki. Roles are assigned by amida drawing. Sakura has the role of the prince and Syaoran is the princess. The two have lunch with Yukito, who asks about the play. Sakura and Syaoran are too embarrassed to tell him what roles they are playing. They agree to practice their lines together in the morning at school. Toya makes Sakura breakfast and warns her about doing "reckless" things. Sakura meets Syaoran in a hallway and the Sand card rushes around behind them. They practice outside and almost get to the kissing scene, when the Sand card forms a vortex around them. They get away using Fly, but Syaoran gets caught in the vortex again. Sakura uses Watery and Syaoran uses Freeze to freeze the Sand. Sakura seals the card and it comes to both of them, but she lets Syaoran have

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