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"Sakura Meets Clow Reed"
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Episode Summary: Eriol reveals his true identity to Sakura and Syaoran to be the reincarnation of Clow Reed. He sets his final challenge: turn all the Clow cards into Sakura Cards or the world will remain in eternal sleep and darkness. Sakura manages to turn most of the cards into Sakura Cards except for Light and Darkness because both cards are loyal to Clow Reed and she is not powerful enough. Kero and Yue both help out Sakura by embedding their power into her staff, however if Sakura still fails then they will remain asleep in the staff forever. Sakura hesitantly accepts and the staff is transformed. With further magic enhancement from Syaoran, Sakura transforms them and all the cards are now hers. She lifts the darkness and breaks Eriol spell but he disappears before given an explanation. Yue and Kero give chase whilst Sakura checks on an exhausted Syaoran. Syaoran confesses his love to Sakura.

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