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"Sakura and Her True Feelings"
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Episode Summary: Sakura ponders over Syaoran's confession. Meanwhile hearing word that Eriol is leaving for England they decided to visit his house for an explanation. Whilst there, Eriol explained that the cards needed to be handed over to the new owner, but without a reason the cards would run amuck. He refused to reveal his identity sooner because he knew Sakura would do her best if she didn't know what was going on. It also turns out that Kaho Mizuki also knew his identity (he was the one who gave her the bell). Eriol explains he knew how everything was going to turn out apart from one detail: he believed that Yukito would love Sakura in return, however he loves Toya and Sakura loves Syaoran. Before having time to confess, Sakura learns that Syaoran is returning to Hong Kong. She is still confused by her feelings and is saddened the Syaoran is leaving. Her tears create a new blank card with a heart on it. Before Syaoran departs Sakura rushes to the airport. Though she does not confess her feelings she accepts the bear Syaoran gives her.

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