Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit-hen Episode 19 English Subbed

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"The Legendary Fighter"
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Episode Summary: After returning home from Seoul, Team Q4 runs some errands to help Aichi relax after the team's loss. Then, in front of Card Shop PSY, they meet a young blonde-haired and mysterious man named Leon Soryu, who is able to feel the "wind". The Ultra Rare trio returns, and they discover that their supposedly-closed shop is unlocked. The entire group enters, and they are surprised to find that the legendary cardfighter Daigo is there. It was believed that Daigo had gone missing for months, to which Daigo explains in a private conversation with Ultra Rare that he had been randomly teleporting from place to place. Suiko believes it is because of Daigo's deck, which is composed of Royal Paladins, one of the clans that were removed from the world, and therefore considered legendary by everyone except Aichi. Afterwards, Daigo offers up a challenge to anyone willing to cardfight with him. Before Aichi can accept, Leon steps up to be Daigo's opponent. And so, Team Q4 and Ultra Rare observe the fight between Daigo using Royal Paladins and Leon, whose deck is composed of another legendary clan: Aqua Force. Although Aichi is familiar with Royal Paladins, Daigo uses units that even he has never seen before, including White Dragon Knight, Pendragon. Leon rides Navalgazer Dragon and uses its seemingly-simple Limit Break to increase its attack power by 3000, which Daigo guards against. Daigo then utilizes the Limit Break of Pendragon to superior ride Soul Saver Dragon, using its skill to power up his rear-guards, but Leon defends and makes it to his next turn, which he declares as the "Final Turn". After activating the Limit Break of Navalgazer again, he attacks. Daigo tries to block with all of the cards in his hand, but Leon gets a heal trigger, giving the power boost to Navalgazer and breaking through Daigo's defenses. Although Daigo manages to survive thanks to his own heal trigger, Leon then reveals the other effect of Navalgazer's Limit Break; since it successfully attacked the opponent's vanguard, Leon is allowed to stand two of his rear-guard units, thus giving him another attack to finish the game and defeat Daigo. Before taking his leave, Leon asks Aichi for his name and ominously says that they'll meet again someday. Then, Daigo is on the verge of being teleported away, and Suiko elaborates that since Royal Paladins are gone from this world, Daigo's usage of the clan has caused him to be stuck in a constant time-space warp; he will only be free from this curse if Royal Paladins return to the world. Daigo is teleported to a remote island where he is challenged to a cardfight by a "reborn" Kyou Yahagi.

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