Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit-hen Episode 33 English Subbed

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"After Nagisa appears in a horse-ridden carriage led by Team Handsome, she greatly exaggerates about being married to Kamui, which causes the audience to misunderstand the situation and embarrasses him in the process. Nonetheless, the two kids begin their cardfight, which is being treated as a wedding ceremony by Team Handsome. Nagisa's Death Army units battle Kamui's Beast Deity units in this Nova Grappler mirror match (with the latter forced to wear a groom's tuxedo). After protecting himself from the Limit Break of Nagisa's new ace, Infinite Corrosion Form, Death Army Cosmo Lord, Kamui Crossrides his new key card which he received after Q4's time at Card Shop PSY: Ultra Beast Deity, Illuminal Dragon. With multi-pronged attacks, Kamui defeats Nagisa, who decides to leave him alone (for now, at least). Elsewhere, Aichi and Misaki win more matches for Q4. Shortly after, Q4's next opponent, Team Unknown, approaches each member. It will be Aichi vs. King Z, Misaki vs. Queen Y, and Kamui vs. Joker X."
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Episode Summary: It is Team Q4 against Team Unknown in the last round of the Japan Stage. Aichi's opponent, King Z, is revealed to be Jun Mutsuki, the king of underground fights, although Aichi does not immediately recognize him. Meanwhile, Misaki battles Queen Y and sees through her disguise. Queen Y is actually Yuri Usui from the defunct Team Caesar, and Yuri now uses the deck she originally had before joining Caesar: Oracle Think Tank. As for Kamui, he has not realized who Joker X is. As they battle, Joker X's voice and style of play with Dark Irregulars slowly remind Kamui of a certain someone. Aichi and Jun conduct their cardfight. Jun's "dark hero" Dimension Police units decrease the power of Aichi's vanguard. Because of this, he is forced to either take damage or use a lot of shields to guard. Even though Aichi's Blond Ezel is sent to the damage zone, he remembers his reasons for fighting and stays resolved. Using Psyqualia to gain an image of victory, Aichi superior rides Pellinore for a comeback. Afterwards, Jun leaves and has a short reunion with Kai. Now, Aichi awaits the results of Misaki's and Kamui's fights.

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