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"Shop Tournament Winner Crowned!"
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Episode Summary: Aichi and Kamui's match comes down to the wire, with Kamui slowly building up his vanguard's soul. Despite Aichi getting a heal trigger to allow him to stay in the game, Kamui then uses his Mr. Invincible's Soulblast, dubbed the "Tornado Stand Galactica", making all of his units stand up and ready to attack again. With this move, Kamui once again defeats Aichi. After Aichi gets over this loss, the final battle between Kai and Kamui ensues. Even though Kamui uses Mr. Invincible and its Soulblast like in the previous match, Kai nonetheless successfully defends and survives the onslaught. In the end, Kai beats Kamui again and is therefore the champion of the entire tournament. Afterwards, Shin makes a special announcement: the four finalists (Kai, Kamui, Misaki, and Aichi) of this tournament are to represent Card Capital and participate in the regional qualifying tournament, shocking Aichi.

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