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"The Fearsome Undead! The Granblue Deck!"
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Episode Summary: Kamui takes Aichi to Card Shop Handsome, a pirate-themed store that Kamui used to visit. They meet the previous regional champions that had gone on to play at the national tournament, Team Handsome, which is led by Gouki Daimonji, an old friend of Kamui. Soon after, they also meet Gouki's little sister Nagisa. She has a huge crush on Kamui to the point that she wants to marry him despite their young age, but the feeling is not mutual. When Kamui tries to explain that he's in love with Aichi's sister Emi, the situation is misinterpreted as Aichi trying to take Kamui away from Nagisa and hurting her feelings. Always wanting to make her little sister happy, Gouki challenges Aichi to a cardfight with the winner getting Kamui. As the fight goes on, Aichi learns the horror of Gouki's Granblue deck as he constantly resurrects his undead pirates from the drop zone. The level of a cardfighter who has played in a national tournament proves to be too much for Aichi; Gouki defeats him, making Aichi learn the level of competition that he will face in the future and more eager to get stronger. After the game, the misunderstanding is cleared, and Nagisa goes back to chasing after Kamui, much to his dismay.

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