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"Team Q4 Heads for the Regional Tournament!"
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Episode Summary: The day for the regional tournament is here, and Shin drives the team of Aichi, Kamui, and Kai to the tournament site. On the way there, while Aichi and Kamui make adjustments to Aichi's deck, Shin decides to name the team "Quadrifoglio" (Italian for "four-leaf clover"; "Q4" for short). They arrive and watch a promotional video of the pop idol group Ultra Rare, who are the three girls, Kourin, Rekka, and Suiko, who Aichi met at Card Shop PSY. After a run-in with Team Handsome, it is then announced that Team Q4 will play in the first round against Team Black Magic, three dark-robed men who all have "Kuro" (Japanese for "black") in their names. Because of Misaki's absence, Aichi will have to participate, and in the first match too! After being given special Vanguard gloves and using it with the tournament's Motion Figure System to bring the cardfight to life, Aichi begins his fight against Team Black Magic's Kurosawa, who uses the same clan as Kai, the Kagero, but with many new units. When Kurosawa superior rides Demonic Dragon Berserker, Yaksha and uses several skills to retire all of Aichi's rear-guards, Aichi panics, realizing that even if he rides Alfred, he cannot fully use its ability. In a desperate move, he uses all the cards in his hand, including the newly added Knight of Truth, Gordon, to create an almost full field.

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