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"New Allies"
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Episode Summary: Aichi has difficulty pushing for victory, and his opponent Kurosawa gets a critical trigger on top, bringing him to five damage. Aichi desperately needs to block the next strike, but is unwilling to leave his hand empty. He guards with Wingal and intercepts with his new unit Knight of Truth, Gordon. At first, it seems that Aichi has an insufficient amount of shield, but he reveals that Gordon's skill, the Especial Intercept, allows its shield to rise by 5000 points during an intercept. After successfully defending against Kurosawa's last attack, Aichi proceeds to call Gigantech Charger, another new card whose skill is used to call Flogal to completely fill Aichi's side of the field, bringing Alfred up to maximum power and finishing the match with a critical trigger. Team Black Magic's next fighter, Kurosaki, appears, while on Team Q4's side, Kai steps up. They both use Kagero, and the announcer (MC Mya) and spectators seem to think it will be an exciting match. However, they are soon disillusioned - Kai annihilates Kurosaki without even breaking a sweat. Afterwards, everyone sees that underneath Team Black Magic's dark cloaks are actually three sparkling-bright men. Kai's victory leads to Team Q4 advancing to the next round and Kamui becoming enraged that he was not given the chance to fight.

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