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"Ride to Victory!"
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Episode Summary: After Aichi plays Blaster Blade, he and Kai recall their first meeting. Back then, after seeing a young Aichi beaten up, the young Kai cheered him up by giving him Blaster Blade and telling him to imagine himself as a strong warrior like the card. With that in mind, Aichi got absorbed into Vanguard, creating his own deck in the hopes of playing against Kai, who had already moved away by then. Back to the game, Aichi deals a bit of damage to Kai, who retaliates with his ace card, Dragonic Overlord. It wipes out Aichi's units and greatly damages him. All hope seems lost until Aichi draws a heal trigger, which allows Aichi to stay in the game for one last turn. Aichi launches a final attack with Blaster Blade and drive checks a critical trigger, which breaks through Kai's defenses and deals one more point of damage to Kai, thus giving Aichi the win. A day later, Aichi revisits Card Capital. Despite thinking that Kai would not show his face after being defeated, Aichi is glad to see that Kai returns.

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