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"Beyond the Memories"
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Episode Summary: Misaki stays locked in her room while Aichi and Kamui feel horrible for what they did to her. They want to get her to rejoin Team Q4, but Kai says to let her do what she wants. Emi visits Card Capital, worrying about the depressed Aichi. She encounters Misaki, who claims not to know anything, but Shin pushes the two into a cardfight using the new trial decks that just arrived. Going along for Emi's sake, Misaki uses the new Nova Grappler deck, whereas Emi uses the Oracle Think Tank one. Already having memorized all effects of the cards with her perfect memory, Misaki easily defeats Emi, but in doing so, she remembers the fun that Vanguard used to be for both her and her parents, and realizes that they would not want her to feel sad about the game. Receiving a key from her uncle to unlock the box with the deck her parents made for her and now wearing that key around her neck, she easily beats every regular customer of the shop the next day. She also rejoins Team Q4 to Aichi and Kamui's joy.

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