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"The King of Underground Fights"
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Episode Summary: Miwa spys on Kai who has begun fighting in underground fights in order to find stronger opponents. Underground cardfights usually result in the loss of cards, and players do not abide by the rules that ensure fair play. When Miwa discovers that Kai is searching for Jun Mutsuki, the king of underground fights, he goes looking for him. He confronts Jun and is captured. Jun and Kai then have a cardfight with Miwa and Kai's freedom at stake. Jun uses a Dark Irregulars deck against Kai and puts up a fierce fight while setting up to play his key card, Edel Rose. Kai foresees this and adds the perfect-defense card Wyvern Guard, Barri to his hand in order to foil Jun's strategy. Jun makes a change in his plan by riding Demon Eater, sending Edel Rose back into his deck, and attacking to force Kai to use Barri. However, Jun reveals that he had a second Edel Rose all along, and he attempts to use its critical strike ability to finish off Kai, who nullifies the attack with another Barri he kept all this time. After defeating Jun, Kai and Miwa leave, with Miwa figuring out that he had been used by Kai to draw Jun out.

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