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"Kyou's Revenge"
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Episode Summary: Kyou is back for revenge against Team Q4, specifically Kai. Kyou then explains how things came to be this way - since he lost his match to Kai at the national tournament, he got banished from Asteroid. As a former member of Asteroid, Kyou had trouble finding a new team to join because no one wanted to recruit a discarded Asteroid member to prevent any conflicts. After multiple rejections, Kyou went insane and sweared vengeance against everyone who wronged him. So, he found two other former members of Asteroid and joined with them to form Team Avengers. For the first match, Aichi decides to take the lead instead of letting Kai face Kyou again in hopes of earning more of Kai's acknowledgement. Under the influence of his new powers, Aichi becomes a completely different cardfighter. Before the match, Aichi declares his victory and the card Young Pegasus Knight as the key card to win the match - something that Ren would do. During the match, Kyou slowly becomes intimidated by Aichi's resemblance to Ren. Kyou believed Aichi was simply bluffing after retiring his Young Pegasus Knight during his second turn. But at the end, Aichi reveals the second Young Pegasus Knight he had and declared his victory with the same attitude and aura as Ren.

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