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"The Coiling Thread"
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Episode Summary: After defeating Jurassic Army, Team Q4 is now up against Team Spyder. Wanting Aichi to continue resting, Misaki and Kamui prepare themselves to win without his presence. Before the next round begins, they are confronted by Team Spyder's members, who try to exploit Misaki's and Kamui's weaknesses. Kamui is tricked into believing that his opponent is a vulnerable "girl" (when in actuality, it is a man wearing a smock of a girl's face which resembles Emi) who wants Kamui to let "her" win when they face off. Misaki then runs into her future opponent who has analyzed Misaki's past fights and uses that collected data to psyche her out, questioning Misaki if she has mastered Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi. The fights between Q4 and Spyder then start with Kamui against the "girl" he met earlier. Eventually, the disguise is exposed, and Kamui defeats his opponent using Stern Blaukluger with no hesitation. Misaki is up next, but she is unable to get Full Moon in her hand. Her opponent uses the skills of deadly Megacolony cards like Elite Mutant, Giraffa and Death Warden, Ant Lion, activating the latter's Megablast to restrict Misaki's rear-guards from standing next turn. On what is practically her last turn, Misaki miraculously draws and rides Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi, using its Counterblast to draw more cards and replace all of her rested rear-guard units. With that, she manages to win, and therefore, Q4 moves on to face the last team of C Block, the Brilliant Stars.

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