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"Clash! Overlord"
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Episode Summary: Determined to turn Ren back to his former self, Kai Crossrides Dragonic Overlord the End and performs its Personablast, discarding a copy of itself to have it stand up and attack twice. With this second assault, Kai hopes to attain victory in an attempt to snap Ren out of his Psyqualia obsession. However, it proves ineffective against Ren, who then Crossrides his own trump card: Phantom Blaster Overlord (which is revealed later to have been given to him by Suiko). In retaliation, Ren uses Phantom Blaster Overlord's Personablast to gain immense power and +1 critical, both of which help Ren win the game. Because of this failed battle, it leaves Kai devastated with no hope. Unable to help Kai in this situation, Aichi is then asked by Suiko to make a choice; will Aichi choose the light or the darkness?

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