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"The Mysterious Card Shop!"
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Episode Summary: Aichi and his friends decide to go to a different card shop called PSY. There, after being greeted by a girl named Rekka, they try out the shop's special Vanguard Fight Stage. It oddly reacts to Aichi, which leads to a woman, Kourin, challenging him to a cardfight. When the two begin the battle, Aichi is surprised that the stage brings the cards to life. Aichi and Kourin, who also uses a Royal Paladin deck, continue their battle, until Aichi makes a bad decision in not guarding one of her vanguard's attacks, ultimately leading to his defeat. Afterwards, another woman, Suiko, gives Aichi the King of Knights, Alfred card as a special memento for visiting the card shop. Later, Aichi learns from Morikawa that the card shop they visited has mysteriously disappeared.

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