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"The Truth of Psyqualia"
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Episode Summary: Ren taunts Aichi throughout their battle, trying to get him to use Psyqualia. Aichi gives into his anger and calls Blaster Dark to the surprise of everyone. However, this causes him to change his personality back into what he was before when he first used Psyqualia. Meanwhile, a mysterious entity temporarily possesses Rekka, informing Kourin and Suiko of an impending doom about to happen on the planet Cray and a war between the many clans which will be decided based on the outcome of Aichi and Ren's battle. The mysterious being also explains the truth of Psyqualia. Back to the match, Kai reminds Aichi that this was not his true self which causes Aichi to overcome his dark self. To mess with Aichi even more, Ren asks him "if that's not the real Aichi, then who is?" While Aichi deals with his identity crisis, Ren declares "Final Turn" and Crossrides Phantom Blaster Overlord.

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