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"Awakening of the Twin Blades"
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Episode Summary: After calling out "Final Turn" and using the Personablast of Phantom Blaster Overlord, Ren fails to defeat Aichi as he miraculously draws a heal trigger. Aichi then realizes his true self, acknowledging both his light and dark sides, as he summons Majesty Lord Blaster to get Ren out of his Psyqualia addiction. Majesty Lord Blaster's skill shocks Ren as Majesty Lord Blaster gets +10000 attack power and an extra critical by adding both Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark in the soul. This power increase and getting a critical trigger help Aichi to finally defeat Ren, thus crowning Team Q4 the national champions and ridding Ren of Psyqualia. A week later, Aichi, also having lost Psyqualia, goes to Card Capital where all of his friends await him, including Kai, looking to have the real honest fight that Aichi wanted with him.

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