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"The Fearsome Soulblast!"
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Episode Summary: Shin introduces the "Standing Fight Table" to enrich the experience of a Vanguard fight, with Morikawa and Kamui being the first to play on it. After Kamui once again beats Morikawa, Aichi and his friends return to their homes but then see Kai walking back to his home. Wanting to learn where Kai lives, Aichi, Kamui, and Miwa try to follow him, but Kai soon notices them tailing him. Aichi apologizes and asks for Kai to battle him again, but he declines. However, Kamui challenges Kai, and he reluctantly accepts. The next day, the two commence their cardfight. Kai gains the upper hand by getting a grade 3 card, Embodiment of Victory, Aleph, into play before Kamui, who counterattacks with his own grade 3 unit Mr. Invincible. But Kai soon summons another grade 3 unit Vortex Dragon, and he later activates its Soulblast skill to destroy three of Kamui's units, leaving Kamui unable to defend himself from Kai's final attacks. Kai defeats Kamui and takes his leave, but not before Aichi tells him that he'll become a stronger and more worthy opponent for him.

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