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"The King of Knights Enters The Fray!"
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Episode Summary: The Card Capital Shop Tournament begins soon, but Aichi is hesitant to play in it, even after making a new deck. However, when he learns that Kai will be in the tournament, Aichi decides to enter as well. But when he submits his entry application form, another Vanguard player, Osamu Kishida, places his application at nearly the same time as Aichi. Both of them want to enter, but there is only one open spot left in the tournament. To resolve this issue, Shin recommends to have Aichi and Kishida play against each other to see who gets the last entry spot. Using his Megacolony units' effects, Kishida restricts Aichi's units from standing while scoffing at him for calling so many weak units. However, Aichi uses his new card King of Knights, Alfred, whose power is increased by the number of other Royal Paladins in play. With Alfred, Aichi defeats Kishida and is therefore officially in the tournament.

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