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10 Responses to “Charlotte Episode 11”

  1. GURUu

    Sep 12th, 2015

    Incoming FEELS

  2. GURUu

    Sep 12th, 2015

    kinda confused about the timeline at the moment. Pooh was caught right after they picked up Yu. But then before Yu time traveled, Pooh wasn’t caught until a while ? So then Yu time travel caused this?

  3. Lone12

    Sep 12th, 2015

    RIP you will be missed :(

  4. Apple

    Sep 12th, 2015

    Wait, when she slash him his whole hand should be cut off? what?

  5. klamens

    Sep 12th, 2015


  6. lilryuu23

    Sep 13th, 2015


  7. 23523465

    Sep 13th, 2015


  8. 23523465

    Sep 13th, 2015


  9. cow

    Sep 13th, 2015


  10. ChristianGaming


    Oct 30th, 2016

    He could have just use time leap and not go there. He could have prevented pooh’s abduction. The story could have a better outcome.

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