Chihayafuru 2 Episode 15 English Subbed

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"No Matter Where I Stand"

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Episode Summary: Kana reveals that she jammed her finger during the match, and it is painfully swollen. One of the officials tells Retro that Arata came to support Hokuō and is in a back room. Meanwhile, Midori Sakurazawa, the Fujisaki coach, removes one of third-year Class A players from the line-up and replaces him with Rion Yamashiro, a second-year Class B player who is Kyoko Yamashiro's granddaughter. Kyoko Yamashiro is the reader for the final. Chihaya is matched against Rion. Taichi is matched against Eromu Ryoga, the Fujisaki captain. Before play begins, Retro informs Arata of Mizusawa reaching the final. Shinobu laughs when Retro refers to the eventual team tournament winner as the best in Japan, but Arata asks her to watch the match. On her way there, she passes the Fujisaki team in the hall during memorization time. She is disgusted that they spend their time having fun away from the cards. The final round begins.

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