Chihayafuru 2 Episode 4 English Subbed

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"To Tell the People in the Capitals That I Make for the Islands"

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Episode Summary: Harada and two women from the Shiranami Society go to watch the regional tournament. In the semi-final, Mizusawa is matched against Homei, whose advisor is Tsugobuchi. Tsuboguchi gives his team insight to get inside Taichi's head to distract him. Mochida points out to Harada that, unlike last year, the tournament is using a different reader every round this year. Taichi struggles against his opponent, making him think he lacks the skill to win. Miyauchi also goes to watch the tournament. The air conditioner over the Mizusawa match malfunctions. When Taichi asks for a towel, the Shiranami women, Miyauchi, Sumire, Kana, Kana's mother, and Chihaya all provide him with towels. Sumire realizes Chihaya watches Taichi as much as Taichi watches Chihaya. Sumire goes to scout the Hokuō match. Taichi recovers and wins the match. Mizusawa wins the round.

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