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"They All Exchange Hellos and Goodbyes at the Gates of Ōsaka"

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Episode Summary: Unrelated to Chihaya's dejection about the karuta club's loss, Chitose decides to give up acting. After begging to keep the clubroom despite recruiting fewer than five new members, Chihaya allows the concert band to use the room above the clubroom as storage. Chihaya's mother buys Chihaya her own kimono and hakama to support Chihaya's karuta. Noticing Chihaya is enthusiastic about karuta again, Chitose calls her agent to arrange for more auditions. In the clubroom, Kana explains the difference between impassioned (千早振る chihayafuru?) and frenzied (荒振る arafuru?) using imagery of a stable and wobbly spinning top. The concert band performs the school anthem for the karuta club as thanks for letting them use the second floor. At the hotel the night before the national team competition, Chihaya calls Arata, but Arata says he's not interested in team tournaments.

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