Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi Episode 12 English Subbed

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"Michimasa and Masako"
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Episode Summary: Michimasa, descended from a house with no future, dreams of a thriving family. As he passes through the capital, he is called by a princess, Masako, who was daughter of the Emperor Sanjō and an incoming High Priestess. Masako wants to see the palace where she was born, despite her elder servant always go with her. Michimasa accepts and takes her to a good view of the palace, introduces the houses and brings simple gifts from the capital: flower, grass, meat, and dirt. Later, the reigning emperor Sanjō resigns, Masako's term as High Priestess ended. Masako receives a letter from Michimasa and the latter enters the Palace. There, they meet again but pressure builds as she wants to be with him, breaking tradition, as Michimasa thinks about what others are going to react. He decides to become worthy of her. By tradition, Masako cannot marry a man of a lower rank. As he was training his swordsmanship, it was too late, as Masako's father knows of their secret love and discharged the elder servant, who tells what happened to Michimasa. He runs to the palace gates but does not knock. Instead, he ties a poem (今はただ・・・) to a branch near the walls, who hopes that someone can bring it to Masako. After being heartbroken, Masako watches the moon with his father the former Emperor, talking about his sight and Michimasa, the latter Masako does not want to talk about more. Flashbacks from the first part of the episode are seen, then emotions change; everything was her fault, denying her place in the royal family. The retired Emperor plans to become a monk. Sanjō-in, as he was now called, expresses his despair in a poem (心にも・・・) he wrote when he retired. In turn, Masako decides to seal her love with Michimasa and become a nun, following her father. But she and Michimasa will reunite and be truly in love in the second life.

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  1. dafoolyOne

    Sep 19th, 2012

    always sad with the ending of the episode since no one and be with the one they love the most

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