Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi Episode 13 English Subbed

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"Teika and Noriko"
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Episode Summary: Teika (who has been on minor appearances in all episodes of the anime, informing us about the Hyakunin Isshu) refuses to follow his father's footsteps of being a poet, but a passing monk named Saigyō makes him a different kind of poet. Meanwhile, Teika's father teaches poetry to Noriko. His plan is to force Teika into being a poet in his favor. Teika was invited to Noriko's household and began to exchange poetry with the princess, despite their love poems are to be assumed make-believe. Meanwhile, Teika's father looks at one of Noriko's poems (玉のをよ・・・), but Teika disrupts his investigation. His father advices Teika to marry another woman, but Teika brings pressure when he tells Noriko he loves her. Noriko's interests were only poetry, and poetry is her only form of expression. They then confesses their cruel love of each other, but they accepted their secret love through poetry. Years later, Noriko passes away and Teika is left lonely and tries to give up poetry. But on his mind, Noriko repeats that only poetry will make her (and him) free. He recites one of his own poems (来ぬ人を・・・). Diligent to continue poetry, Teika finishes the last of the poetry in his house, the 100 poems on the wall now recognized as the "Hyakunin Isshu".

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  1. dafoolyOne

    Sep 26th, 2012

    love this anime makes me want to start reading poetry alittle sad this was the last episode tho

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