Chrome Shelled Regios Episode 8 English Subbed

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"The Enemy of the Past, Now a Ghost Town"

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Episode Summary: Leerin meets with Linten and Savalis, and is told that they will currently be her bodyguards for a while, because she is being targeted. Meanwhile, the 17th and 5th platoon both fight each other with the 17th platoon being victorious. Layfon becomes sadden by their victory, but Nina seems overjoyed. The leader of the 5th platoon, Gorneo, seems to hold a grudge against Layfon. There is a party held for the victory of the 17th platoon. While everyone is enjoying the party, Layfon leaves the party early. At work, Nina discusses with Layfon their victories and how she is very happy. Layfon tells her that he was never happy while fighting. There is an interruption from the Student Council President, who orders the 17th and 5th platoon to go to a lost city, which was destroyed by the contaminoids, and look around for any survivors. When they arrive, Nina realizes the city is Gandoweria, which they fought against and lost to two years ago. She is shocked that the city is in ruins. Layfon comments on how contaminoids are able to destroy just about anything. Nina runs away to the place where they lost, with Layfon chasing after her. At that place, Nina is saved from being crushed by the exuviae of a contaminoid by Layfon. At that moment, Gorneo arrives with Shante, his partner, and tells Nina about Layfon being a Heaven's Blade.

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