Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Episode 2 English Subbed

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"Priestess... of the Melody"
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Episode Summary: Rikka finds a stray cat, which she claims is a chimera, though cannot keep it in her apartment due to Tōka's allergy to cats and Yūta refuses to take it in himself. Meanwhile, Yūta finds himself nervous around the class president, Shinka Nibutani, which becomes more awkward when Rikka shows up. Later, another student named Kumin Tsuyuri inquires about the cat they found, as she had been looking for her own who ran away. Both Yūta and Kumin go to Rikka's apartment, filled with all sorts of oddities, though the cat turns out not to be Kumin's. After Tōka swiftly punishes Rikka for bringing the cat in, she asks Yūta to get rid of it, threatening to expose Yūta's chūnibyō behavior if he refuses. As Rikka runs off with the cat, Yūta runs off with the audio evidence and they both try to escape Tōka, but are eventually caught. Afterwards, Yūta agrees to take in the cat.

10 Responses to “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Episode 2”

  1. Sugoisan

    Oct 11th, 2012

    This is the new cutest anime of the season. I don’t like action anime’s but I loved that fighting scene! It was epic.

    I’m glad her powers are all just in her head though, For a while I was starting to think that she actually had powers.

  2. MasterXemnas

    Oct 11th, 2012

    dissapointing fight but interesting story, lets see where this goes :3

  3. miatrixx

    Oct 11th, 2012


  4. dafoolyOne

    Oct 11th, 2012

    haha love this anime cant wait for more

  5. BitNdragon

    Oct 11th, 2012

    god i almost wish my imagination was like that it would look so awesome

  6. luckynino

    Mar 15th, 2013


  7. jonaDJ

    Jun 9th, 2013


  8. Belldandy


    Jan 29th, 2014

    is it me or is ona 2 the same exact ep >.>

  9. CDBOX

    Jul 29th, 2014


  10. Link

    Apr 28th, 2016

    When Rikka said ‘It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!’ I paused the video to listen to that Starbomb track under the same name.

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