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"Counter Measures"

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Episode Summary: During the time that Tomoya is suspended from school, Tomoyo continues to come to his house, wake him up, and make him breakfast, though when she tries to ask him about his relationship with his father, he does not answer her. On Sunday when Tomoyo is making him lunch, Kyou, Ryou, and Kotomi arrive each bringing a bunch of food, and even Fuko appears with food; Tomoya ends up eating everything. Once back at school, he finds out how Tomoyo's reputation is dropping due to rumors of her as a gang leader, and arranges for Tomoyo to compete against several school sports clubs to boost her reputation. After school, Tomoyo tells Tomoya about her family situation and how her brother risked his life to keep their parents from divorcing. Nagisa finally comes back to school and is welcomed by her friends. During a tennis match between Tomoyo and a male tennis club member, a stray ball hits Nagisa on the leg, and Tomoya overprotects her, showing everyone how devoted he is to her. Tomoyo realizes that Tomoya is in love with Nagisa, and both Ryou and Kyou break into tears. Ultimately, Tomoyo becomes the student council president.

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