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Episode Summary: In a flash back Hitomi is 16 years old and has just been installed as a Code:Breaker; Code:06. Hitomi excels at his job and Eden believes a Code promotion is in order. Heike is revealed to have been Hitomi's senior. Fast-forward 4 years. Hitomi is on a job with Code:05, who is killed during the operation. Code:05's watch stops the moment he died, thus explaining the start of Hitomi's clock collection. With the former Code:05 dead, Hitomi receives his Code promotion, but is greatly troubled at Code:05's death. Fast-forward 6 years. Hitomi is Code:03 and is conducting a job with the rest of the Code:Breakers to take out a group that has powers comparable to Code:Breakers. During the job all the Code:Breakers except Hitomi and Heike are killed. The leader of the group they were target escapes. In a discussion after the job between Heike and Hitomi, Hitom reveals that Code:06 was killed by her own powers. This occurrence has happened to other Code:Breakers in the past. Hitomi then requests Heike to investigate their powers and Eden's knowledge of their powers. Hitomi is promoted to Code:01, the Ace, and is given the task of training future Code:Breakers. One by one the current Code:Breakers are trained and initiated as Code:Breakers by Hitomi. Hitomi takes an interest in Ogami due to his strong powers and his one sided focus of eliminating evil without thought, often causing him to ignore more important things. Hitomi informs Ogami that their purpose is to protect the weak, not simply kill. On a job, Hitomi kills the leader of the group who killed the other previous Code:Breakers. Heike later informs Hitomi that the reason Code:Breakers are sometimes killed by their own powers results from over use and going lost too many times. At which point a Code:Breaker loses their power and is killed by it. He also informs him that Eden knew of this and did not inform them. Hitomi then makes up his mind to get revenge on Eden. We return to the present with Hitomi and Heike at Tokyo Tower with Sakura as a hostage. Hitomi informs the public that he will kill the Prime Minister and 50,000 other civilians across Japan.

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    Man, even though it was natural to misunderstand Hitomi up to this episode, I feel bad for him now

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