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"50,000 Hostages"

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Episode Summary: The Code:Breakers continue to search for Hitomi but are unsuccessful. As bombs across Japan continue to detonate, the Code:Breakers, Japanese Government, and the Yakuza all receive anonymous emails detailing the locations of the bombs. The Code:Breakers also receive word of Hitomi’s location. Toki and Kanda set off to Sky Tower where Hitomi is hiding while Yuuki goes out to search for and disable as many bombs as he can. Ogami arrives at Sky Tower and begins to battle Hitomi. Toki is kept from interfering by Heike. At first Ogami is able to withstand Hitomi’s power but is quickly overwhelmed. Ogami questions why Hitomi decided to attack the Prime Minister those many months before only to discover that the Prime Minister attempted to have Hitomi killed in order to prevent him from exposing the Code:Breakers. Hitomi then states that he desire to make a world where people with special abilities can live happy lives not in secrecy or as dogs for the government. Yukihina proceeds to rescue all children with special abilities from the government only to by met by a living Code:05. The government and the Yakuza begin to isolate locations with bombs, however they are short on personnel.

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