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"The Blue Flowers Blooming on a Spiral of Flames"
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Episode Summary: Sakurakouji wakes up in her room the following morning after seemingly being killed by Ogami. At school, Sakurakouji grows highly cautious of Ogami despite him acting as if nothing transpired the night before whilst among their peers. Ogami then follows Sakurakouji around school which causes her to avoid her friend Aoba in an attempt to protect her from Ogami. Elsewhere another Code:Breaker, Code:03, Yuuki Tenpouin is given a picture of Ex-Code:Breaker, Code:01 Hitomi as his next job. After school Sakurakouji draws Ogami to a populated city square where she tries to reason with him about killing those men the night before, however she still isn't able to accept that he can commit such acts without any emotional response. Ogami explains to her the nature of his being as a Code:Breaker; one who passes judgement on evil doers via means that would be considered "evil" to the rest of the world. Ogami then tries to burn her, which frightens Sakurakouji who flees. However he does state that he will kill anyone with whom she confides his secret, causing Sakurakouji to also make sure that he doesn't kill any more people by keeping an eye on him. Afterwards Ogami receives a call from a person wondering why Sakurakouji isn't dead, to which Ogami says that she is a rare person who cannot be burnt. Later Yuuki encounters Hitomi.

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    1234 love them all

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    i hope i will like this anime movie

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