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"Blazing Courage and an Engraved Hammer"

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Episode Summary: Yuuki engages Hitomi, but is stopped by a man, Yukihina, with special abilities allowing him to control ice. Sakurakouji goes to school Ogami and finds her locker stuffed with love letters from fellow students. Misunderstanding about Ogami's and Sakurakouji’s desires to observe each other lead the school to believe they are dating. Jealousy of Ogami with Sakurakouji turns into violence, but Sakurakouji prevents this for fear of Ogami using his powers. While walking to the Student Council office with Ogami, Sakurakouji runs into Fujiwara, who fondles Sakurakouji‘s breasts, Hii and Mii. Ogami attempts to burn Fujiwara, mistaking her for somebody else, but is stopped by Sakurakouji. A mysterious man receives a call to work with Ogami. Ogami give Sakurakouji a puppy of the dog that tried to protect her at the park as a gift. Sakurakouji goes on a job with Ogami to a local Yakuza office. Ogami is offered a job but instead kills everyone there, Yakuza and corrupt cops. Ogami threatens to kill victims of the drug the Yakuza were selling but is stopped by Sakurakouji and instead gives them a reason to live. Ogami goes to a car waiting outside the Yakuza office with Chief of Police inside. The car flees and Ogami gives chase. The mysterious man from earlier is revealed to be Toki, Code:04. Toki blows up the car the Chief of Police was in with his powers.

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  1. CB093

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    sigh stupid airportlinkm7 add is broken on every single player that has it once it ends it just gets stuck on 00:00 but on older vids if its a dif add it works fine (thank god for mirror source players) also who subs these its so annoying when every g or y or whatever other random letter is always bigger than the others -.- is it some error in uploading or is it on purpose lol i see it alot these days

  2. tommyvanush

    Mar 14th, 2013

    nice anime

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    Jan 4th, 2014

    why is it so hard to find episode 3 of Code: breaker that works?

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    Awesome site now I can at least watch my anime finish

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