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"Battle Cry"

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Episode Summary: Ogami appears before Eden, The Code:Breaker Policy Governance Board, where he is given his next job to assassinate a politician, Mr. Tabata Shigeru. Sakurakouji wakes up in front of her house and is questioned by her parents about her recent behavior. Sakurakouji lies to them but her parents choose to overlook this aspect. This morning, Toki is waiting outside of Sakurakouji’s house. Sakurakouji and Toki begin to walk to school together, but when Ogami meets them he immediately begins to fight Toki. Sakurakouji stops the two from fighting and Toki leaves the two. At school, Sakurakouji spots Toki, and leaves class to find out what he is doing. Upon being discover by a teacher, Toki lies that he is auditing the school and is allowed to stay. During lunch it is revealed that Toki's older sister is Fujiwara. Ogami and Toki go on a job and Sakurakouji accidentally ends up tagging along. Ogami reveals Toki's power is that of controlling magnetic fields and this can move any metallic object. After breaking into a compound housing a government research facility for special abilities and dealing with the normal security guards, Ogami and Toki engage in battle with two men wearing large backpacks which allow them to have special abilities.

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