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"A Banquet of Wishes"

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Episode Summary: The battle continues, however the packs the enemy is wearing suddenly run dry, preventing them from using special abilities. They retreat, allowing Ogami and Toki to continue with the mission. Inside the facility Sakurakouji learns that Code:Breakers are a government agency run directly under the command of the Prime Minister. The facility contains many rooms with kids with special abilities are hooked up to machines for close monitoring. In the lower levels of the facility other rooms are found were kids are experimented on and dissected. Kids killed in the experiments have their organs removed and sold and their corpses placed in large preservative jars. Mr. Tabata Shigeru is revealed to be the head of the research facility. The two guards with special powers return and restart their fight with the Code:Breakers. During the fight Sakurakouji realizes there is something suspicious about the packs their opponents wear. Toki manages to separate one from its wearer only to discover that a child with special abilities is housed inside and used as power for the guards. Toki and Ogami kill their opponents and move on to Tabata. Just as Ogami is about to kill Tabata, his crippled daughter appears. It turns out that Tabata performed such experiment in order to find suitable transplants for his daughter who also has special abilities. Sakurakouji tries to convince Ogami not to kill Tabata, but when Tabata tries to attack Ogami he is left with no choice but to kill him. Toki confronts an underling of Tabata who forcibly commits suicide. The real mastermind turns out to be Ex-Code:Breaker, Code:01. The children are transported to another research facility and the Prime Minister is seen conversing with Yukihina.

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  1. xStar

    Nov 9th, 2012

    Love this anime, hope it doesn’t end at 12 episodes or 26..

  2. Jeleseka

    Nov 14th, 2012

    This anime has 13 episodes, and I think they’ll make a second season because the manga is to about 134 chapters long

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