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"Lost One"

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Episode Summary: Toki has lunch with the Prime Minister who turns out to be Toki’s father. Toki became a Code:Breaker in order to keep his sister away from his father and to protect her. While Sakurakouji and Ogami are out walking they run into Code:05, nicknamed Prince, who gives Ogami orders to protect Sakurakouji. At school, the class is acting strangely which causes Ogami to suspect that Sakurakouji has exposed his secret as a Code:Breaker. However, it turns out that the class was actually preparing a welcome party for Ogami. At the same time Toki is seen collapsing in pain in an alley someplace and the Prime Minister is informed that a total of 43 agents have gone missing in search of Hitomi. Back at the party, the school is attacked by the 43 missing agents whose dead bodies have been re-animated through the use of Hitomi’s power. Ogami collapses while fighting the agents. Ms. Kanda, their teacher arrives to help and turns out to be an agent of Eden assigned to Ogami. Code:03, Yuuki, appears to assist in fending off the attack. Heike, a classmate of Sakurakouji and Ogami who habitually has tea in the most random of places, also joins the fight revealing his identity as Code:02. The Code:Breakers successfully defeat the agents. Toki is shown collapsed in an alley, but in the form of a child.

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