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"Sakura, in the Light"

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Episode Summary: Ogami’s collapse is revealed to be from going Lost. Going Lost is a time of about 24 hours when Code:Breakers lose their power. This is caused by the overuse of their power. However, the symptoms for each person vary. Sakurakouji volunteers her house as a location to hide while Ogami recovers and the rest prepare for another attack. At Sakurakouji’s house it is revealed that her father is head of the most powerful Yakuza clan in all of Japan, the Kizakura. Toki is already at Sakurakouji’s house because he too went lost, which explains the reason he is in the form of a child. The Kizakura have a feast to welcome the guests staying with them. The next morning Prince is ordered to go to Sakurakouji’s house to provide support for both Ogami and Toki. Hitomi attacks Sakurakouji’s house in order to kidnap her. Hitomi knocks out Yuuki but Heike, Toki, who returns from being Lost, and Prince manage to rescue Sakurakouji. Hitomi unleashes his full power against all the Code:Breakers. However, Sakurakouji jumps in front of his attack and is surprisingly unharmed. It turns out that Hitomi’s attack was just a decoy to gather all the Code:Breakers thus leaving an opening for Yukihina to kidnap the Prime Minister.

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